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Top notch security

The data protection is at utmost importance to us. We guarantee safety and security of all your data.

Time saving

Instead of waiting in line, now you can simply apply online and Viselio team of experts will do the rest for you.

Customer support

Our experienced customer support team is available on Mon-Fri from 8-18h. Feel free to contact them for all your questions.

Affordable visa service

We always aim to keep our prices reasonable and affordable. Our service also includes embassy and consular fee.

How to get a Visa with us?

Applying for a visa was never easier with Viselio first fully automated visa application form. Whether you need a tourist or business visa, we are entirely at your service. No time-consuming paperwork and waiting in line. Viselio does all that for you! Simply apply, and we will take off the rest.

Applying for e-visa was never easier with Viselio first fully automated visa application form. No time-consuming paperwork and waiting in line. Viselio does all that for you! Simply apply, and we will send your approved eVisa via email.


Fill in the form

Please make sure you fill in all the required data in your visa application form. It is a fast, secure and easy process that will take just a couple of minutes of your time. For any additional help, our professional customer support is always happy to assist.


Receive and provide documents

After you apply for a visa via our visa application form, you will receive an email with all the required documents. After you print your documents and send it back to us, we will check them and make sure you apply with all government required documents. Keep in mind that this process varies depending on the selected service in the application form.


Receive your visa

The last thing is to receive a valid visa and your passport via shipment method or in person. We make sure we take care of everything, including the smallest details, and the result is a valid visa brought to your home address! As easy as that.


Fill in the form

In order to obtain a valid eVisa you need to fill out the visa application form. It is a very simple stress-free process that will save your time and ensure you apply for a visa with all the required information. For all additional questions regarding your application, please make sure you contact our Viselio Customer Support.

Visa approval period

The approval time for eVisa is up to 3 days. Sometimes it takes just a couple of minutes, however, depending on your nationality it might take longer. Please be patient.


Receive your eVisa

After your eVisa is approved, we will automatically send it to you by email. If your visa destination country requires you to bring the printed version of your visa, Viselio also offers visa printing as our additional service.

We value your time!

The most precious thing we have is our time. With our visa application process, you can forget about long waiting in line in front of the embassy or time-consuming paperwork collecting. Our Viselio Team provides everything you need in one place. Just ask yourself do you have the time?

Not convinced yet?

Viselio is an award-winning Swiss start up company. We are proud to say that we are supported by a team of highly experienced professionals! Besides providing a fully automated visa application service, there are many other benefits that Viselio always aims to provide each and every client. Fast, easy and secure service is of utmost importance to us!

99.7% Issued Visas On Time

We are proud to say that applicants that used our form and additional service have obtained their visas on time in 99.7% of cases.

pre-check visa documents

Viselio will check all your visa application documents and ensure you apply with everything you need.

visa photo service

Select our additional service and get your photo that meets all consular requirements.

competitive pricing

In order to create the best possible service, we do our best to keep our prices affordable.

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